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Regenerative Design for Changemakers is an essential guide for organizational changemakers, consultants, higher education students, and transdisciplinary educators pursuing a regenerative future for the 21st century.

A Social Permaculture Guide

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Burnout, discouragement, and overwhelm are inevitable patterns for changemakers, until we remember that we are creative, powerful agents who can shape our personal circumstances and exert influence on wider social systems. With regenerative design tools, align with your highest potential and design profound change in your personal life, organizations, and in the world around you.

Regenerative Design for Changemakers is a compelling and accessible guide plus curriculum that calls changemakers to action by applying ecosystem intelligence and anti-oppression practices to their social impact projects. Taking a fractal approach, readers learn scaleable principles and frameworks to redesign their inner lives, relationships with others, and wider communities in accordance with regenerative patterns from the natural world. This guide covers:


» 45 social permaculture exercises that champion changemakers in replacing degenerative patterns with regenerative, life-affirming practices

» Justice-based frameworks and ecological principles to heal from racism and other forms of oppression

» A "Social Design Lab" for analyzing, designing, and evaluating one's own changemaking projects

» Group resilience frameworks, including project accountability buddies, implementation teams, and coalition-building.


"Read Regenerative Design for Changemakers for the ideas here. There is some very very exciting rethinking. But read also for Dresdale’s process of questioning ‘groupthink’ about subjects we hold near and dear in our society and social systems. Dresdale takes us to school on what we can no longer accept without reflecting. What subject would you like to apply regenerative design to and use Dresdale’s radical questions?"

- Carol Sanford, CEO of The Regenerative Paradigm Institute and best selling multi-award winning author of The Regenerative Life, The Regenerative Business, and more 

 "Personal burnout, organizational challenges, and oppression issues frequently derail project planning efforts. Regenerative Design for Changemakers provides a unique contribution to the field of social permaculture, with an applied toolkit and valuable insights from Dresdale's professional experience to help redesign our lives and projects for fertile success."

- Eric Toensmeier, author of The Carbon Farming Solution and co-author of Edible Forest Gardens, and former lecturer at Yale School of Forestry

"Regenerative Design for Changemakers and its companion course harnesses the social permaculture design process, mindfulness techniques, and creativity to support changemakers in designing holistic, regenerative plans for our social change projects and our lives.


Read Abrah's book and find opportunities to train with her!" 

- Naima Penniman, Program

 Director of SoulFire Farm,

 Co-Founder of WILDSEED & 

 Climbing PoeTree

"So often I avoid books about environmental decline, climate change, and ecosystem breakdown. Too scary, too heartbreaking, too overwhelming. But this guidebook combines hopeful inspiration, hands-on solutions, and user-friendly science that is accessible and relevant to everyday life. Thank goodness for changemakers like Abrah Dresdale who are charting a path toward a livable future."

- Elizabeth Lesser, Cofounder of

 Omega Institute, and author of

 the New York Times bestseller,

 Broken Open: How Difficult

 Times Can Help Us Grow

"Regenerative Design for Changemakers provides an accessible toolkit of ideas, information, resources, self-reflection exercises and inspiration for surviving, thriving and building effective community projects in the chaotic and sometimes overwhelming times we live in. You’ll want to dive right in and try out some of the many practical suggestions for making personal and community level change."

 - Paul Kivel, educator, activist

 and author of Uprooting Racism:

 How White People Can Work for

 Racial Justice

"Regenerative Design for Changemakers was ahead of its time when it was created, but now it’s right on time! It’s a radical guide for deep systems change for creators, organizations, and changemakers looking to make a regenerative impact. Not only has this book shifted how I approach my personal life, I’ve also used it with my teams and organizations I consult for. It’s a must read for creating a regenerative new future that works for everyone!"

- Erika Rose Santoro, Senior Director of Creative Strategy and Programming at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health 

"In Regenerative Design for Changemakers: A Social Permaculture Guide, Abrah draws upon the principles of permaculture (which in essence are lessons from life) and frames these in a compelling way to help evolve your leadership for transforming social systems. Accessible, comprehensive, and critically timely, this provocative handbook is a must have for any change agent wanting to bring ancient wisdom to our modern challenges."

- Dayna Baumeister, Ph.D, Co-founder of Biomimicry Institute and Biomimicry 3.8, and Co-director and Faculty at Arizona State University's Biomimicry Center 

You'll be redirected to Regenerate Change's website for purchase.

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Patterns of the natural world can shape the way we organize our movements. They point to holistic integration of personal self-care, professional growth, and mutually supportive network building as a key to long-term resilience. With regenerative design tools, you can design a thriving life filled with the rituals that nourish you while delivering the high impact work you were meant to do.

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» A Regenerative design process for developing an impact      enterprise or endeavor in the Social Design Lab

» Social permaculture frameworks based on patterns found

   in the natural world

» Justice-based personal and professional practices

   to dismantle racism and other forms of oppression

» Personal regeneration and radical self-care approaches 

   to restructure your life as a changemaker

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