Abrah Dresdale is a visionary educator and community leader who is passionate                                              about catalyzing change with the tools of regenerative design.


As an educational consultant, she approaches program and curriculum development                            from a whole-systems framework, making connections between the personal, social,                              ecological, and economic dimensions of any project. 


She guides learners of all ages, facilitates community engaged projects, and provides

educational consulting for institutions, organizations, and communities of practice.


Abrah is the founding Director of Regenerate Change: A Recipe for Social Alchemy.


 תיקוּן עוֹלם
What the 
world needs
skill set

VISION: Together, we can design a Regenerative Culture of justice and ecological reciprocity to leave as our collective legacy for the future of our planet.

"There are beautiful, wild forces in us.

Let them turn the mills inside and fill sacks that will feed even heaven."

- Saint Francis of Assisi


Let us harness these forces and prepare our colleges, non-profit organizations, and visionary change makers with the tools of regenerative design so that we may transform our culture from one of fragmentation and exploitation to one of regeneration and solidarity.


Workshops, Consulting Services, & Presentations in topics such as:

  • tools for social permaculture & systems change

  • undoing racism & inclusive culture-building

  • food sovereignty & prison food justice

  • Jewish agricultural traditions & earth-based practices

  • emotional resilience in climate change 

  • intergenerational healing


Jail-to-Farm-to-College & Employment Pathways
Special Projects Report for Greenfield Community College
Feed Northampton, a food security plan for Northampton, MA

For institutions of higher education, non-profit organizations, and land-based businesses choose from services in:

curriculum development

program design

educational reports

Let's transform our world's broken systems together
through innovative education and tools of regenerative design
for tomorrow's leaders.